10% of homeowners have not yet filed a revised property return, despite the deadline to do so having passed six months ago.

New statistics from Revenue show that the return compliance rate for the local property tax (LPT) currently stands at 90%, while the payment compliance rate is 95%.

"Notwithstanding the strong levels of compliance, we know that some property owners still have not submitted an LPT Return and perhaps mistakenly think they have met their LPT obligations by virtue of the fact that they have paid their LPT in full or are paying it by instalment," said Revenue Chairman, Niall Cody, as Revenue published its annual report.

"We recently undertook an LPT Return reminder campaign which resulted in a further marked increased in LPT compliance rates.

"For the remaining minority of property owners who haven't yet filed their LPT Return or paid or made arrangements to pay their LPT for 2022 I strongly encourage them to do so immediately."

In March Revenue said it would be contacting 300,000 property owners who had not filed their LPT returns.

At that point, 1.7m had been submitted.

The original deadline for lodging a revised valuation for a property was last November but this was extended to give people more time.

The latest date for paying in full by cash or cheque was January 12.