Smart kitchen company Fresco has raised $20 million in funding, and plans to double its headcount from 50 to 100 over the next two years.

The financing was led by three international appliance brands - Instant Brands, Vorwerk, and a third that has yet to be announced.

All of the company's existing venture investors also participated.

Fresco said the funding will be used to build a "world-leading experience" for the connected kitchen.

In order to achieve this, the company said it will increase its workforce, with the recruitment drive initially focused on product, engineering, design and security roles but will expand across the board in the coming months.

Fresco connects any compatible appliance, across brands so that cooks can focus on preparing meals.

The company has adopted the "connects with Fresco" brand to certify appliances that can be controlled from smartphones, tablets, smart speakers, and smart home assistants.

Fresco said consumers can use their app to guide their cooking to prepare better and more creative meals.

"We know that every kitchen has appliances from different brands," said Fresco co-founder and CEO Ben Harris.

"Now through this Fresco platform our partners are forming alliances across the whole kitchen.

"Technology in this field is advancing at a lightning pace and we’re delighted to be at the heart of it, innovating and building solutions right here in our Dublin HQ, that will enable us to deliver on the promise of the smart kitchen," he added.