Gold exploration company Conroy Gold and Natural Resources has been granted three further prospecting licences for its Longford-Down Massif development in Ireland.

The three new licences cover an area of 100 square kilometres (39 square miles).

The company said that the application for the new licences was made before the completion of the Joint Venture Agreement with Demir Export, which was announced last month.

The company said it intends to transfer the licences to Conroy Gold (Longford-Down) Limited, one of the joint venture companies established after the deal with Demir Export.

This would bring to 15 the total number of licences held by the Joint Venture in the Longford-Down Massif.

"I am very pleased that these additional licences have been granted which add considerable additional, and attractive, acreage for exploration in the Longford-Down Massif where our joint venture with Demir Export is looking, at Clontibret, to develop a gold mine and where we have announced a drilling programme commencing later this month," said Professor Richard Conroy, Chairman of the company.