Corporate gifting platform Sendoso has announced a new partnership with Irish company Snack Farm.

The deal will see Snack Farm's products, such as their trail mixes and savoury baked snacks, made available on the Sendoso platform.

"We are delighted to list Snack Farm on the Sendoso platform which will allow the company to have a great reach internationally," said Kris Rudeegraap, CEO and co-founder of Sendoso.

"Sendoso is pleased to assist Irish SMEs to gain access to a wider international audience and companies like Snack Farm will thrive in this arena through their unique approach to their sector," he added.

Padraig Staunton, Founder of Snack Farm said they are delighted to be working with Sendoso.

"We are looking forward to supplying their customers with healthy and nutritious snacks going forward.

"There is a huge shift towards snacking better, particularly in the workplace; and Sendoso's unique platform will help us reach a wider global audience," he said.

Retired Irish Rugby Player, Rob Kearney, joined Snack Farm in January 2021 as 'Director of Wellbeing’ and works on new product development and corporate wellbeing projects.

"I’m delighted that today Snack Farm has the opportunity to expand on its customer base," he said.

"When you snack better, you do feel better, and it impacts on overall morale and productivity," he added.