Property owners are being urged to pay their local Property Tax ahead of today's 5pm deadline and to ensure they have submitted an updated valuation for their property.

The head of Revenue's Local Property Tax branch said a failure to submit an updated valuation to the Revenue Commissioners will prevent the process being completed.

Speaking on RTÉ's Morning Ireland, Katie Clair said there are around 200,000 property owners who have paid or have payment arrangements in place, but have not submitted an updated valuation for their property in their September return.

"We believe that many of these owners do not realise that they have not met their obligations," she said.

Ms Clair advised people who may not have submitted the revised valuation to do immediately, adding that the easiest way to do this is online.

Since the process of revaluing properties for LPT commenced last September, nearly 86,000 items of correspondence have been received, Ms Clair said.

There were 5,000 calls made to the LPT helpline yesterday alone.

Ms Clair said that property owners paying in full by cash, cheque, debit and credit card should make their payment, "so if you haven't paid or made arrangements to pay, you should do so today by 5pm."

Payments can be made online through Revenue's 'My Account', RoS or the LPT portal.

"You still have the option to pay in a phased basis, through deduction at source your salary or your pension", she added, although it might be too late for the January payrolls, so the payments will be spread over 11 months instead of 12.

Ms Clair said: "If you need more time to pay you can select the annual debit instruction option and your payment won't be deducted until the 21st of March.

"If you need help or you want assistance in a making the payment you can call us at 01-7383626."

Property owners have an obligation to provide the correct valuation, Ms Clair said.

"Once that valuation can be backed up by documentation, be it a valuation or recent sales prices in your area that would be acceptable to Revenue."