Richard Barrett's Bartra Property (Dublin) Ltd has lodged fresh plans with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council for a mixed use scheme at Bulloch Harbour near Dalkey.

Local resident and broadcaster Pat Kenny was one of the most vocal opponents of Bartra’s previous planned mixed use scheme for Bulloch Harbour which attracted more than 250 local objections.

An Bord Pleanála previously granted planning permission for the scheme in June 2019.

But the permission was quashed by the High Court on consent in September 2020 after the appeals board stated that it wouldn’t be defending the High Court judicial review action brought against it by the Bulloch Harbour Preservation Association (BHPA).

The High Court also ordered by consent that the appeals board would pay the BHPA’s legal costs and the application was remitted back to the appeals board for further consideration.

The application - first lodged in December 2017 - was due to be decided upon by the appeals board in the coming weeks.

However, last Friday Bartra withdrew the planning application from the board only for it to lodge fresh plans with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council on Thursday.

The new scheme for former Western Marine Building, Bulloch Harbour, Dalkey seeks the demolition and clearance of the existing industrial single storey warehouses and sheds and the development of a mixed-use marine commercial, leisure/community and residential based development.

The scheme - which is very similar to the application that has been withdrawn - includes the construction of a three storey building incorporating a café and one four bedroom apartment on two levels.

The scheme also includes a single storey re-located seafood sales outlet and four fisherman's huts.

The proposal also includes a new public square fronting on to the harbour and three three storey detached houses.

The scheme also includes a new concrete support wall that will be built along 34.8 metres of the existing development area boundary wall.

Asked to comment on the new plans, Pat Kenny said on Friday: "I have seen the (planning) notice, but I do not wish to comment until I have examined the application in detail."

Previously, the Newstalk presenter was one of scores of locals to contribute financially to a fund organised by the Bulloch Harbour Preservation Association (BHPA) to bring the High Court judicial review of the An Bord Pleanála green light for the scheme.

Commenting previously on the An Bord Pleanála grant of permission for the Bulloch Harbour scheme, Mr Kenny said that the decision "was crazy and beggared belief".

He said: "It was wrong from the very outset and defied common sense."

He pointed out at the time: "The Council had rejected the development, the Board's own inspector rejected the development. And yet, the Board saw fit to disregard the advice of their own "boots-on-the-ground", the An Bord Pleanála inspector, and give the go-ahead for a development."

The ex- Late Late Show presenter commented at the time: "The stress and aggravation caused to communities by decisions which overrule the advice of the Board’s own inspectors, cannot be overstated."

On the new planning application, a spokeswoman for the Bullock Harbour Preservation Association said on Friday: "We are concerned that this planning application will be lodged under the Development Plan 2016 - 2022 and not under the new Development Plan 2022 – 2028 which is due to be adopted by the Council in the Spring."

Consultants for Bartra Capital said that in relation to the previous scheme that it would involve the removal of existing unattractive structures and be replaced "by a high quality scheme".

The consultants’ report stated that the scheme "will provide a greatly enhanced public realm and a quantum of development sufficient to generate activity at the quayside".

The scheme would provide amenities at the harbour and encourage visitors to visit the harbour.

A spokeswoman for Bartra on Friday declined to comment.

A decision is due on the new application in early March.