New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that Ireland exported €162 billion worth of goods in 2020 and imported €87 billion worth of goods.

Today's CSO figures show that the country's biggest export market was the US, with €50 billion of exports recorded last year.

The CSO noted that Ireland exported €37 billion more to the US than it imported during the year,

The second biggest export partner was Belgium, with almost €18 billion of exports, closely followed Germany with over €17.5 billion.

The UK and China complete the list of the remaining top 5 export markets.

Meanwhile, the UK was the biggest partner for goods imports, with a value of €20 billion in 2020.

The US, France, Germany and China made up the remaining top five import partners.

Today's figures also showed that Ireland exported more than €13 billion of food and drink products in 2020.

These exports included 283,000 tonnes of cheese, 301,000 tonnes of butter, 45,000 tonnes of mushrooms and 444 million litres of beer.

A total of €4.8 billion of Ireland's food and drink products were exported to the UK, the CSO noted.

Imports of €9 billion of food and drink products were also recorded in 2020, which included 75,000 tonnes of potatoes, 79,000 tonnes of fish and shellfish, 61 million litres of mineral water and 111 million litres of wine.

€4.3 billion of food and drink products were imported from the UK last year. the CSO added.