The month of December is the least productive of the year, new data has shown.

The information on productivity patterns gathered by Cork based Teamwork also shows that today, December 1, is the most productive day of the month.

The data is based on 25 million tasks completed by users of its platform over the last year.

Teamwork also found that productivity in December is half that of the most productive month of the year, October.

Within December, the second week is the most productive for European users, the analysis shows.

After that, staff output begins to wane, plummeting to half of normal during Christmas week.

"In the last week of the year, only a small percentage of tasks get completed with less than 8% of December tasks completed," Teamwork said.

However, it is a different picture in the US, where productivity grows during the month, once Thanksgiving is over with the peak week being the third week.

"Our study also found that around 60% of tasks are typically completed by Wednesday," said Peter Coppinger, co-founder and CEO of Teamwork.

"We would recommend aiming to have most of your workload for the year completed by the 15th of December to avoid the end of December slump," he stated.

The project management platform recommends that in order to boost productivity during December, all essential work should be assigned at the start of the month.

Delayed projects should be finished rather than new ones started, it also suggests.

The company also recommends that people ask clients and staff when they go on holiday so they can plan around that.