Dublin-headquartered IT services company Auxilion is today launching its "Auxilion Modern Workplace" division with an investment of €2m.

Through this new division, Auxilion plans to build out its portfolio of cloud, business enablement and governance solutions to innovate for customers, support the modern workplace and empower workforces.

The products and services will be underpinned by technologies including Artificial Intelligence (AI), Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure.

They will also help business customers to streamline operations and be more compliant by enhancing visibility and security.

Auxilion said the new investment was mainly driven by significant customer and market demand for long-term solutions to address new governance, collaboration and productivity challenges as a result of long-term remote and hybrid working strategies.

It said it expects further demand for such services across the board as all industries adapt to the hybrid work approach.

It also anticipates that certain sectors such as healthcare and financial services will serve as major growth areas due to the increased level of governance and compliance required therein.

Earlier this year, the company announced that it was creating 110 jobs and planning to generate €60m in revenue by 2024.

Auxilion CEO Philip Maguire said the very future of working has become the existential question for employers across the world.

"Companies are deliberating, debating and validating ways to support employee enablement and engagement, while staying focused on business process performance in this hyper-accelerated hybrid work environment," Mr Maguire said.

He said it is therefore critical that businesses understand the preferred employee experience for the future and are clear about what type of hybrid or flexible work environment is required to support the business strategy.

"Ultimately, they need to develop a technology roadmap to align business needs and employee expectations. Our significant investment in our Modern Workplace offering will give businesses the means to both drive process efficiency and foster greater collaboration," he added.

Donal Sullivan, the company's chief technology officer, will head up the new division.

"One of the long-lasting impacts of Covid-19 will be how it demystified and disproved many of the misconceptions about how employees could work," Mr Sullivan said.

"Necessity being the mother of invention, lockdown saw businesses and employees find new ways of working effectively. Whether companies bring employees back to the office, allow working from home permanently or adopt a blended approach, the genie is out of the bottle," he stated.