Over half of full-time workers in Ireland are experiencing burnout, according to a new survey by Lahinch based HR company HRLocker.

In recent months, reports from the UK and US have pointed towards a rise in employee stress and anxiety, leading to unprecedented levels of job burnout.

Here in Ireland, HRLocker has surveyed one thousand full-time employees across the country, assessing their stress levels, the primary causes of that stress and how it was impacting their performance.

The survey shows those aged 18-24, known as 'Gen-Z', and those aged 25-40, known as 'Millennials' recorded the highest levels of burnout.

Those aged 57-66 also recorded a high level of burnout.

'Generation-X', aged between 41-56, was the only age group that had a burnout level of less than 50%.

27% of those surveyed said the reason for their burnout was due to pressure to be 'always on', while 24% said they had an unmanageable workload and 16% said they had a lack of control over their work.

When asked what impact Covid-19 and lockdown had had on job burnout, two thirds of respondents said it has had a negative impact, raising stress levels.

However, 18% said the pandemic had a positive impact, allowing for better work/ life balance and less commuting.

The survey findings show that some industries are more prone to burnout than others, including the charity and not-for-profit sectors.