President of the Eurogroup and Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe is in Brussels today to chair the November Eurogroup meeting.

This will be the first time Ministers discuss the European Commission's relaunch of the economic governance review on the fiscal framework.

Today's meeting will also include a discussion on the digital euro as well as regular items on international meetings, macroeconomic developments and banking union.

Mr Donohoe said he was looking forward to today's meeting which will include the first substantive discussion of the European Commission's decision to relaunch the review of the economic governance framework.

"One of the successes to date in response to Covid-19 has been the level of coordination and consensus across budgetary policy. As we look to 2022 and beyond, Eurogroup will be engaging closely and actively in the governance review particularly given its importance for the euro area," Mr Donohoe said.

Ministers will discuss for the first time the Commission's decision to relaunch the economic governance review. This covers Europe’s fiscal rules, which are currently suspended.

Mr Donohoe said the meeting will mainly focus on Eurogroup's input into the process given the importance of the rules in the Euro Area and is expected to be a regular agenda item over the next few months.

The meeting will also address broader economic developments including inflation.

Mr Donohoe said the outlook for the euro area remains favourable, with growth in the region of 5%.

The other main agenda item covers the policy objectives and uses of a digital euro. This is occurring against the backdrop of the ECB's investigative phase into a digital euro. Ministers will take stock of developments and reflect on potential implications.

Tomorrow Minister Donohoe will attend the Ecofin meeting.

EU finance ministers will exchange views in particular on energy prices and inflation, economic governance and prudential rules for the banking sector at this meeting.