Revenue said it will extend the opening hours for its Local Property Tax Helpline due to strong demand for the service.

Last week, Revenue said the helpline was extremely busy in advance of the November 7 deadline for filing LPT Returns.

It said that in recent days there has been a further surge in the level of calls made to the LPT Helpline, with the number of daily calls well over 12,000.

Revenue's monitoring has also identified that due to the high levels of demand for the service around 1,600 property owners have tried to call the LPT helpline in advance of its opening time over the past number of days.

Revenue said the helpline will now be open from 8am to 8pm, on both Wednesday November 3 and Thursday November 4.

Further extended opening hours will be considered later this week should the level of demand for the LPT Service remain high, it added.

Revenue said that mornings are the busiest time for calls coming through to its LPT Helpline and they asked that if people are finding it difficult getting through in the morning to try again later in the day if they can.