A new survey from IDA Ireland, Microsoft and LinkedIn reveals that hiring rates have returned to pre-pandemic levels in the third quarter of this year.

The quarterly Labour Market Pulse looks at the latest insights and trends across the Irish labour market to help inform decision makers across business, academia and public policy.

It also found that one in seven jobs advertisements are now offering remote working.

The data shows that jobs that offer remote working now make up 15% of all job views and 16% of all job applications, compared to 5% of views and 5% of applications being made for similar positions in the same time last year.

The top three industries offering remote working opportunities include Software & IT Services (21%), Corporate Services (19%), and Financial Services (10%), today's survey shows.

Martin Shanahan, CEO Of IDA Ireland, said the Labour Market Pulse is a useful tool to gather insightful information about ongoing trends in the labour market here, particularly in this time of "flux" after the disruption caused by the global pandemic.

"The future of work, fast-tracked by a year-long remote working experiment, is prompting a reassessment of where people work," Mr Shanahan said.

"The increase in remote working opportunities allows employers to tap into the talent base across all regions of Ireland," he added.

James O'Connor, VP International Operations at Microsoft, said that when the Labour Market Pulse was first established, we were in the height of the pandemic and employers and employees were facing into unchartered territory.

Mr O'Connor said that while it has been a challenging couple of years the fact that we're seeing hiring rates now exceed pre-pandemic levels demonstrates the resilience of Irish businesses as they continue to innovate and transform.

"It's also really encouraging to see how so many are embracing hybrid working and reimagining Ireland’s workforce. Through the insights provided by the Labour Market Pulse, we can support policy makers, as well as organisations, to achieve an inclusive and sustainable recovery," he added.

Sharon McCooey, Head of LinkedIn Ireland, said the latest survey clearly illustrates a resurgence in the jobs market with companies back in hiring mode and professionals evaluating the next stage of their careers.

"Our additional research also illustrates that businesses are actively considering the future of work, with digital transformation a key priority for many organisations over the next six months. Offering flexibility to current and prospective staff will be a key factor in retaining and attracting talent in the months ahead," Ms McCooey added.