New research shows that 66% of Irish shoppers plan to continue spending more on local goods and services in the coming months.

The survey conducted as part of the Local Enterprise Office's 'Look for Local' campaign, reveals that most consumers bought locally this summer to support their local economy.

The results show that 75% of adults are now more inclined to seek out local businesses online, with most saying they believe there are now more local Irish businesses online than ever before.

Those surveyed also showed an understanding of the benefits of spending in your community or town.

Most consumers "strongly agreed" that shopping local is beneficial to the economy and jobs - and also the environment.

The Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail, Damien English said the research suggests that the public responded to the 'Look for Local' call by the Local Enterprise Office Network.

"People are aware of the benefits of looking for local and they consciously chose to support local businesses this summer and plan to do so into the future.

"This is a testament to the campaign," he said.

Padraic McElwee, chair of the network of Local Enterprise Offices, said the survey shows that consumers believe in the quality of the products and services they are getting on their own doorstep.

"To see that people intentionally spent with their local businesses this summer is fantastic.

"As we outlined during the campaign, every euro that is spent locally is an investment in that community and that money has a knock-on effect through a village or town," he said.

The survey by GroupM Research sampled over 700 Irish consumers