The total number of flights that took place into, out of, within and over Ireland in August was just 53% of the level recorded in the same month in 2019, as Covid restrictions continued to bite.

International arrivals and departures reached just 47% of the level in the same month two years ago, prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, compared to a European average of 55%.

However, data released by the European air traffic control body, Eurocontrol, shows domestic flights within Ireland rose back strongly in the month to 92% of pre-coronavirus levels.

This compares to 74% across European airspace.

Overflights that cross through Irish airspace without landing reached 57% of the level they did in August two years ago, compared to a European average of 77%.

Overall, the Eurocontrol data shows that across European airspace, flight volumes were back to 71% of 2019 levels in the month.

"This average, however, conceals a wide variation between countries and also between different traffic flows for each country," the organisation said.

International arrivals and departures were as low as 38% of August 2019 levels in Finland for example, and as high as 130% in Albania.

Domestic flights in Italy reached 107% of August 2019 volumes, with France, Greece, Norway and Spain all at 90% or more.

International arrivals and departures include long- and short-haul and both passenger and cargo flights.

Yesterday, Dublin airport operator daa said the number of passengers using the facility in August slumped by over 60% compared to pre-Covid-19 levels.

Almost 1,260,000 passengers travelled through Dublin Airport in the month, down 63% on 2019 levels.