A Dublin company which has developed wearable video streaming technology for paramedics has launched a fundraising campaign on Spark Crowdfunding to scale and accelerate its growth.

RedZinc's technology allows first-aid responders to send a real-time video using a wearable camera to a remote expert, such as a hospital Chief Medical Officer. The real-time video along with the audio enables enhanced assessment, and quicker and more efficient decision-making.

Similarly, a medical professional can use the technology to observe the patient in isolation while relaying video in real-time to a medical team of experts elsewhere in the hospital.

Tallaght University Hospital deployed BlueEye Handsfree during the pandemic to assist nurses and doctors on wards in assessing and treating patients in isolation rooms.

The company's technology has facilitated 30,000 consultations to date and is currently being used for 800 calls per week.

Founded by Donal Morris, RedZinc is has launched a €300,000 fundraising campaign on crowdfunding platform Spark Crowdfunding.

Spark Crowdfunding CEO Chris Burge said, "RedZinc is at the forefront of developing innovative medical technology in Ireland. The company attracted almost €150,000 in funding within 24 hours of launching their crowdfunding campaign, showing the value of their offering is clear."

Equity crowdfunding allows hundreds of small and medium sized investors to purchase shares in early-stage companies.