Eir has announced a significant expansion of its Gigabit Fibre Network.

The telecoms company said a further 200,000 homes and businesses will be able to access its high-speed service.

The changes mean 84% of the premises in the country will have access to gigabit fibre broadband.

The remaining rural homes and businesses will be served as part of the Government's National Broadband Plan.

Eir has said the move is motivated by changing consumer demand due to the pandemic.

"We continuously monitor the connection rates of our fibre network and we have seen connections to our rural network more than double in the last 18 months, signifying the increased requirements for high-speed connectivity of homes and businesses in Ireland," said Managing Director of eir Wholesale, Eavann Murphy.

"The pandemic has transformed our needs and what was sufficient for the average family home before is no longer adequate," she added.

Eir is investing more than one billion euro in capital spending to expand and improve its offering.