Johnson & Johnson has today forecast just $2.5 billion in 2021 sales of its Covid-19 vaccine, which has fallen way behind rival shots from Pfizer and Moderna as it deals with vaccine production issues and safety concerns.

J&J said it expects full-year sales of between $91.3 billion and $92.1 billion this year from the rest of the business.

It also said it expecting $93.8 billion to $94.6 billion in sales, including the contribution from the single-dose vaccine.

The J&J shot, once touted as an important tool for vaccinations in hard-to-reach areas, is far behind on its schedule for deliveries in the US and Europe.

Use of the vaccine has also been linked to a very rare, potentially life-threatening blood-clotting condition. Last week, US regulators added a warning to the vaccine related to a rare autoimmune disorder.

Pfizer has forecast $26 billion in sales of its vaccine, while Moderna has forecast $19.2 billion in vaccine sales this year.

Both companies have said they expect to profit from their vaccines, while Johnson & Johnson has said it will make the vaccine available on a not-for-profit basis during the pandemic.