Spending in bars rose 237% in June as restrictions on the sector eased further, new figures from Bank of Ireland show.

The Visa debit and credit card transaction data also shows that the spend on accommodation increased by 185% and in amusement parks by 129% during the month.

Tourist attractions in general saw a 101% boost in spending while restaurant spend jumped 43%.

Overall Bank of Ireland said it recorded its busiest ever month for Visa debit card transactions.

"June saw another monthly rise of over 4% in total debit and credit card spending, with family pursuits, domestic travel and outdoor hospitality to the fore," Christian Pierce, Group Chief Data and Analytics Officer at Bank of Ireland.

"Though it remains to be seen what developments July brings in terms of further reopening's, these data sets show that no matter what restrictions remain in place people are adaptable, and are still keen to get out and explore the country in new and inventive ways."

Dublin saw an overall increase in spending of over 5%, Cork was up 4.5%, while Mayo recorded a 2.1% rise in expenditure.

According to the data, younger people clearly made the most of the relaxation of restrictions in the hospitality sector.

Spending in pubs rocketed by over 370% amongst the 18-25 year old age group and by 273% among those in the 26-35 age bracket.

But as 56-65 year olds ventured out a bit more post-vaccination, spending among that cohort overall rose 5%, with their impact being felt in hotels where there was a 260% rise in expenditure.

There was a 35% increase in spending on car rentals as people holidayed at home, while buses recorded a 48% rise.

However, despite the focus on staycationing, spending on airlines went up by 27%.

Summer camps also benefited from a spending boost of 79%.