Irish electric scooter firm Zeus has launched its scooters in the city of Halmstad in Sweden, the 26th city it operates in since the company was first launched just a year ago.

Zeuz has plans to expand to more cities in the Nordic region over the coming months, adding that it has "advanced plans" to launch in seven cities in Norway.

Based in Ireland, Zeus now employs over 70 people across Ireland and Europe and will be expanding its team in the Nordic regions.

Zeus launched its unique three wheel scooter in the German city of Heidelberg in 2020 and has since expanded across Germany and now the Nordics.

Founder Damian Young said the company was really excited to be starting services in Halmstad in Sweden and shortly in Karlstad, with advanced plans to launch in seven cities in Norway.

"Our commitment to carbon neutrality and environmentally efficient operations is a shared value in Sweden and Norway and we are thrilled to be serving these cities," Damian Young said.

Ireland is poised to adopt specific legislation around micro mobility this summer, with expectations that e-scooter schemes will be available in Irish cities within months.

The company's chief commercial officer, David O'Reilly, said that Zeus is a wholly owned Irish company, originally formed to serve Ireland.

"We were born in Ireland and we look forward to bringing our experience back to Ireland. We are continuing to expand our team both in Ireland and abroad, becoming the fastest growing Irish mobility company globally," he added.