Permanent TSB has been awarded the Guaranteed Irish symbol for its contribution to local communities across the country and commitment to Irish provenance and local employment.

The bank, which has a presence in 76 locations nationwide, has over a million customers and its roots stretch back over 200 years.

Guaranteed Irish champions a network of 1,600 member businesses, employing over 100,000 people across Ireland, and generating an annual combined Irish turnover of €10 billion.

Patrick Farrell, Director of Retail Banking at Permanent TSB, said the bank is over 200 years in business.

He said it has a deep heritage in supporting communities across Ireland, originating from the Trustee Savings Banks and Irish Permanent Building Society.

"Although banking has evolved a lot in that period, the Permanent TSB customer and community first ethos has remained a core component of our culture," Mr Farrell said.

"With over 2,500 employees in Ireland, 76 branches nationwide and a commitment to maintain our branch network, we are very proud to become a member of Guaranteed Irish. We also look forward to working with the team at Guaranteed Irish in the months ahead to showcase some talented SMEs through a "kick starting retail" initiative, which will be run in partnership with Permanent TSB and Guaranteed Irish later this year," he added.

Brid O'Connell, CEO Guaranteed Irish, said the Guaranteed Irish symbol is only awarded to businesses that contribute to our communities, make a commitment to Irish provenance, and support local jobs.

"The national licenced symbol helps consumers identify businesses that operate locally in Ireland and contribute to the local economy," Brid O'Connell said.

"For every €1 spent on Irish goods €5 comes back to the Irish economy. When you support local businesses, our communities flourish and jobs are saved across the country. Local money circulates back into a local economy," she added.

Ms O'Connell said that consumers have recognised the importance of supporting local businesses, start-ups, and entrepreneurs, particularly given the current climate and 95% of consumers believe that by purchasing from firms with the Guaranteed Irish brand they are 'helping the local economy'.

"We are delighted to see the Permanent TSB, an integral part of Ireland's financial history, join the Guaranteed Irish movement which is growing in importance daily, as consumers are voting to support local and Irish," she added.