The Public Accounts Committee has heard that RTÉ may be trying to "run down the clock" by withholding details of a settlement it reached with Revenue, concerning workers the organisation had incorrectly classified as freelance.

Sinn Féin TD Imelda Munster said that RTÉ management "think they can ignore the committee", and that this creates "an air of lack of transparency".

The committee should "flag up our frustration with the minister", she said.

The committee wrote to RTÉ on 14 May and again on 8 June.

"We are awaiting a response on that - we haven't received it to date," said committee chair Brian Stanley.

He agreed that the committee should get "the minister's view of this - what can be done".

"We're not dealing with a fiefdom here," Mr Stanley said, and he expressed disappointment that the committee had not been given the information it is asking for.

"It's a public body, it depends on public funding, and certainly there has to be some level of accountability here," he said.

Ms Munster condemned the lack of a response, and said that the committee should also write to RTÉ a third time, asking again for the information.