German exports rose in April, prompted by increasing trade with the US, suggesting a continued recovery in Europe's biggest economy.

Seasonally adjusted exports increased by 0.3% on the month after an upwardly revised rise of 1.3% in March, Germany's Federal Statistics Office said today.

Exports to the US jumped by 59.9% compared to April last year soon after Germany entered its first lockdown to curb the coronavirus.

On the year, exports to China rose by 16% while sales to the UK rose 64%, the first increase since the beginning of the year and the UK's completion of its departure from the European Union.

Imports dropped 1.7% after an increase of 7.1% in the prior month, as more German companies reported bottlenecks and rising costs for raw materials.

"The scarcity of materials and the lack of preliminary products are weighing on industrial production," analysts said.

A Reuters poll had pointed to a 0.5% rise in exports and a 1.1% drop in imports.

Germany's trade surplus grew to €15.9 billion from €14 billion in March.