Ryanair has called on the Government to announce an immediate rescue plan for the Irish aviation and tourism industries.

Taoiseach Micheál Martin is due to announce changes on international travel and hospitality Covid-19 restrictions tomorrow.

Ryanair has today called on the Taoiseach to restore the UK Common Travel Area, effective from Tuesday June 1.

It condemned "as bizarre and untenable" Government policy that UK citizens can drive over the Northern Ireland border without restriction, yet UK families, visitors and business people flying into Ireland must quarantine for 14 days.

It said this is despite the fact that over 75% of the UK adult population had now been vaccinated.

"In recent weeks, major European economies, including Portugal and Spain, have removed all restrictions on UK visitors, but Ireland continues to insist on its useless quarantine of vaccinated UK visitors, only if they fly here from the UK, even while they can drive over Northern Ireland border with no restrictions," it said.

The airline also wants the Government to announce that from July 1, all travel outbound and inbound between Ireland and all other EU member states will not be subject to any hotel quarantine or Covid restrictions.

It said that by the end of June, over 80% of Ireland's adult population, and over 80% of the adults of most EU states, will have received at least their first dose vaccine.

"There should be no further restrictions on air travel between Ireland and the EU from 1 July onwards, and the ludicrous requirement that visitors to Ireland from France, Belgium and Luxembourg must spend 2 weeks in hotel quarantine should be removed, " it urged.

Ryanair group chief executive Michael O'Leary said the Government has visited "untold damage" on Irish aviation and tourism, adding that the airline has "no faith" in Transport Minister Eamonn Ryan.

"It is time for Micheál Martin's Government to introduce an emergency rescue plan for Irish aviation and tourism," Michael O'Leary said.

"Staycations may fill some hotels in the South and West of Ireland during July and August, but it will not fill the hotels of Dublin, and nor will it support Irish tourism once the schools reopen in September," he added.