Ryanair is planning to set up a new advisory panel made up of customers to advise it on how to improve its services.

The airline said it would invite passengers from all over Europe to provide "feedback and recommendations that will help Ryanair continue to improve its guest services" at a physical event in Dublin this autumn.

"We are excited to announce our first ever Customer Advisory Panel to allow customers help us drive improvements in Ryanair's customer care and service," said Director of Marketing & Digital, Dara Brady.

"Our new Customer Advisory Panel will provide us with direct feedback and recommendations from customers and will help us deliver an improved service for our guests throughout 2022 and beyond."

Ryanair has taken steps in recent years to improve its reputation among customers, by adding in new services and facilities and softening its stance on certain policies.

The airline, which like all those in the sector has experienced a significant reduction in bookings and cut flights in the last year as a result of the pandemic said it would fly members of the new panel and a partner to its headquarters in Dublin in the autumn for an event and two-night stay paid for by it.

It added that future events would take place in other European cities with recommendations that result being used to shape its customer improvement programme next year.

Customers interested in taking part in the advisory panel must apply before May 31 through the company’s website.