A Co Kildare resident has claimed Intel Ireland's €3.6bn planned expansion of its plant could pose a risk to a local area of special conservation.

Thomas Reid, who lives 500 metres from the site, has taken judicial review proceedings aimed at overturning a decision by An Bord Pleanála to grant permission for the expansion.

He says the plant adjoins the Rye River Valley and Carton Special Area of Conservation which could be affected by emissions from the site.

He also says the decision by An Bord Pleanála was granted without meeting the requirements of various EC Directives and Irish legislation.

He also claims that at the operational stage, environmental emissions will increase in what was described as a large scale quarrying operation which was not properly considered.

Mr Reid says the project will take more than four years, two years of which will involve rock quarrying, and will expand Intel's 160 acre campus by 30 acres.

The Board denies the claims and says it was satisfied the development would not adversely affect the integrity of the Rye River Valley/ Carton SAC in relation to its conservation objectives.

It denies there was failure to carry out assessments based on the best scientific knowledge.

Mr Justice Richard Humphreys said he would consider making a visit to the site.

The judge had earlier granted a pre-trial application by Intel, which is a notice party to the proceedings, to exclude certain evidence from the case because it had not been raised with the Board during an appeal against Kildare County Council’s decision to grant permission.

In 2015 he won a Supreme Court case preventing the use of compulsory purchase orders for his 29-hectare farm, Hensor House.

The case continues on tomorrow.