Digital banking app Revolut has said it will allow its more than 2,000 employees to work from abroad up for up to two months a year, in the latest step in its commitment to "agile" working.

The company has almost 50 employees in Ireland and more than 1.2 million customers here.

Revolut said its new working abroad policy was launched to allow its internationally diverse workforce to visit families more often and/or for longer periods of time. 

The Fintech added that it wanted to enable employees to spend extended quality time overseas. 

Revolut workers who wish to work outside their country of employment for personal and non-business related reasons will be able to do so for a period of up to 60 calendar days over a rolling 12 months. 

It said that its workers can start availing of the policy as soon as travel restrictions are eased and must adhere to guidelines of national health authorities in both their departing and arrival desitations.

Revolut said it had studied applicable corporate tax, income tax, immigration and social security regulations to create a policy that is as beneficial and convenient as possible for workers.

The new policy is part of Revolut's wider strategy towards more flexible working. 

In February, it announced a move towards a hybrid model, supported by a real estate strategy to repurpose all its offices as flexible collaborative spaces. 

In response to its workers' clearly expressed preferences, Revolut allows the vast majority of its more than 2,000 employees to choose when and how often they would like to work from home or visit the workplace. 

The hybrid model in place is a pilot and should be fully implemented by the end of the year, it added. 

Revolut's internal surveys show that its employees have responded positively to remote working with 56% saying they would prefer to work from home between four and two times a week, while 36% would like an 100% remote policy. 

Only 2% of all respondents would prefer to work from the office everyday, the survey noted.