The Government has signed regulations that will mean that valid construction commencement notices submitted during the most recent period of restrictions remain valid until April 26.

Commencement notices relating to around 4,400 houses and apartments are among those lodged with the building control authorities since the start of the year.

However, due to the restrictions on construction activity during those months, work on the projects was not allowed to begin.

Now ahead of the reopening of home and childcare facility construction on April 12, the Minister for Planning and Local Government, Peter Burke, has signed regulations that will allow a person to commence works without submitting a new notice.

However, work must begin no later than April 26, the department said.

Normally, commencement notices need to be submitted not less than 14 days before building can start on a site.

"However, enforcing this requirement would further delay the beginning of residential construction projects beyond 12 April 2021," Minister Burke said.

"In light of the urgent need to get back to building houses as soon as possible, and the announcement by the Taoiseach signalling a phased easing of COVID restrictions, I have taken the decision to implement regulations waiving the requirement for the re submission of  valid commencement notices."

"This will ensure that our construction industry stands ready to return to work and we can recommence both the public and private building of homes as soon as possible."

Earlier this week, the Government gave the go-ahead for construction on non-essential projects to resume, with further reopening of other types of development planned for next month.