Its one year to the day since wet pubs were told to close their doors due to the pandemic.

Two vintners associations have launched a social media campaign to remind the public of the many people behind pubs, hospitality, arts and entertainment who have been out of work since last March.

Pubs and other businesses participating in this 'not disposable' campaign have been encouraged to post pre-pandemic photos of people who work in the industry to social media today, to mark the date that pubs first shut their doors.

Since then approximately 250 traditional pubs in Dublin have not opened for a single day, while the majority of pubs in the country were only able to trade for a period of two weeks in late September. 

Around 50,000 people were directly employed in 7,000 pubs across Ireland prior to the pandemeic, while tens of thousands more were employed by suppliers or worked as entertainers or in other roles.

The Licensed Vintners Association and the Vintners Federation of Ireland hope the campaign will remind the public of the people behind the statistics and serve as a reminder that the future of these sectors does matter to Irish society.