Just over a third of workers here will be returning to the office on a full time basis once Covid restrictions are fully lifted.

This is according to a survey of CEOs, Human Resource and other executives with responsibility for employees at over 250 companies in Ireland carried out by recruitment company Sigmar, and multinational professional services firm Aon.

Just over a fifth - 22% - of employees are expected to work full-time remotely with the remaining 44% working between the home and the office, the survey found.

Of the latter cohort, over 90% will spend three days or less in the office.

"The reality is that two thirds of Ireland's workforce will see permanent changes in their work practices. That is a massive shift that affects the majority of us," Robert Mac Giolla Phádraig, Sigmar's chief commercial officer said.

He added that remote work was becoming the "emerging front" in a battle for talent worldwide.

The report concludes that eight in ten workers are working remotely full time in the current environment with 13% full time in their workplace.

An estimated 6% are working a hybrid of the two, which is expected to change significantly once Covid restrictions are gradually lifted.

92% of employers expect work practices to alter post-pandemic with designing 'equitable hybrid workspaces' emerging as a priority for human resource executives.