There was a substantial fall in overseas travel in January compared to the previous month, according to the latest figures from the Central Statistics Office.

The number of passengers arriving in Ireland was down 34% compared to December, with 108,000 passengers arriving into the country by air and sea.

In the same month there was a 33.6% drop in the number of passengers leaving the country on overseas routes, with the number totaling 118,700 passengers in the month of January.

The figures show that continental routes contributed most to the passenger traffic.

79,500 passengers arrived on continental routes in January, while 64,600 passengers departed on continental routes.

By way of contrast, 15,100 passengers arrived on cross-channel routes and 36,700 passengers departed on cross-channel routes.

Just 4,900 passengers arrived via transatlantic routes and 8,600 passengers departed via these routes. 

15,100 passengers arrived from Great Britain in January, the biggest portion of arrivals that month.

14,700 passengers arrived from Spain, while 11,700 passengers departed on these routes.

A further 11,300 passengers arrived on Polish routes, while 7,100 passengers departed on these routes.

The figures show that overseas travel remained considerably lower than in January 2020, when 1,235,100 passengers arrived, and 1,239,800 passengers departed.