The Irish Wind Energy Association is today rebranding as Wind Energy Ireland. 

Wind Energy Ireland said its new name is part of a wider brand refresh including a new visual identity which is being rolled out on all digital platforms. 

Wind Energy Ireland is the county's largest renewable energy organisation with over 150 members who have come together to plan, build, operate and support the development of the country's main renewable energy resource. 

Wind Energy Ireland works to promote wind energy as an essential, economical and environmentally friendly part of the country's low-carbon energy future.

Ireland is the leading country in the world for the share of electricity demand met by onshore wind.

Almost 40% of the country's electricity needs were supplied by wind energy in 2019.

Wind Energy Ireland said that over the next ten years it plans to build on this success, developing new wind farms on land and off the country's coasts, so that by 2030 70% of Ireland's power comes from renewable energy.