Cairn Homes has announced the sale of an 11.5 acre site, adjacent to its completed Glenheron residential development in Greystones in Co Wicklow, to the Department of Education and Skills for the building of a new secondary school. 

In a statement, the company said the sale is subject to planning permission, adding that full planning permission is expected to be obtained this year.

The new secondary school will have the capacity to accommodate up to 1,000 students.

Cairn Homes said the new school and its environs will be designed by it in conjunction with the Department of Education and Skills. 

This will be the fifth school built on Cairn sites in recent years. It also has up to six other serviced sites in its landbank which it has identified as being suitable for primary and secondary schools.  

The company said the sale is fully aligned to its strategy of building communities and strengthening their social fabric.

"Our focus on sustainable placemaking ensures our residents can enjoy all of the local amenities within close proximity to their new homes," Cairn added. 

Hawkins Wood, which is the next phase of Cairn's development in Greystones, started construction last November. 

The scheme consists of 184 new houses and Cairn expects to launch the initial phase of these homes for sale later this year.