RTÉ reported a net deficit of €7.2m in 2019, according to the annual report for that year released today.

The deficit the previous year was €13m. 

The broadcaster said there was a decline in commercial revenue in 2019 of €4.2m due to Brexit uncertainty and changes in media consumption habits. 

Operating costs, including the costs of special events, were reduced by €2m while there was an increase in total revenue of €342.1m.

Licence fee income increased by a net €7.2m to €196.3m due to the €8.9m increase in public funding in Budget 2019 . 

The RTÉ Player saw an increase of 20% in viewership during the period. 

As this is the 2019 report it does not cover changes in commercial revenue due to Covid-19.

"Despite some truly great achievements highlighted in our annual report, RTÉ cannot run deficits indefinitely", the Chair of the RTÉ board Moya Doherty said.

"The current funding model is broken, and RTÉ will face a material uncertainty about its capacity to provide the same level of services in the medium term if it is not resolved quickly and definitively," Ms Doherty said. 

"That is why the Future Media Commission is so important and RTÉ is fully engaged with the process," she added.