The volume of traffic increased in the run up to Christmas but has since declined sharply, according to the latest Transport Bulletin from the Central Statistics Office. 

The bulletin notes that heavy goods vehicle (HGVs) traffic, in particular, rose from the start of December and was 33.1% higher in Dublin in the week of December 20 compared to the same week in 2019. 

HGV traffic was also 34.5% higher in the rest of the country.  

But car volumes were lower by 45.5% in the week beginning December 27 in Dublin and 45.1% in the rest of the country compared to the same week in 2019. This followed the reimposition of Level 5 Covid-19 restrictions.

Air travel continues to be worst affected by the outbreak of Covid-19. 

In the months from January to November last year, the number of passengers using the country's airports, including Knock and Kerry, was down 77.4% compared to the same period in 2019.  

In the month of November alone, the numbers using Cork, Shannon and Dublin fell 93.1% from 2.5 million in 2019 to just 175,000.  

Public transport in Dublin at the start of December was carrying just under half (51.6%) of the number of passengers it carried in early March, before Covid struck. For the rest of the country that figure was 57.7%. 

Rail has been the worst hit public transport service. 

In the week beginning April 5, passenger numbers were 97.2% lower than the first week in March. By the week beginning December 6, passenger numbers were still just 37% of what they had been in March.  

The number of cyclists in Dublin initially fell sharply in April. The numbers on their bikes during peak commuting times fell by 75.6% in April compared to early March, pre-Covid. Off-peak cyclists were down 40.1%.

By early December, peak time cycling had recovered but numbers were still 44.9% down on December 2019. However, off peak cycling was 3% higher than the same week in 2019.