A new report reveals that 88% of civil servants feel as effective working remotely as they are during normal working arrangements.

A total of 26,822 civil servants took part in the Civil Service Employee Engagement Survey 2020 Covid-19 Remote Working Report.

This makes it the largest work based survey this year in Ireland.

As such it provides a rich body of data which will inform the development of future policies and initiatives with respect to remote working, employee well-being and workplace supports.

Today's survey also shows that three-quarters of civil servants indicated they would like to continue to access remote working in the future if given the choice. 

Of these, 62% showed a preference for a blended approach to working remotely (a mix of home and office), while 30% expressed a preference to work from home exclusively in the future. 

It also found that 72% of workers reported receiving regular contact from their organisation while working remotely. 

Meanwhile, the majority of female civil servants in Ireland (73%) reported feeling as effective while working remotely during normal working arrangements, compared to their male counterparts (65%). 

78% of female civil servants here would also like to continue to access working remotely in the future, compared to 72% of males.

The survey found that staff in Ulster, Connacht and those outside of Ireland reported the least number of staff working remotely, which may reflect the nature of services provided in these regions.

Launching the report today, Michael McGrath - the Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform - said that Covid-19 has severely disrupted and changed the working environments of workers throughout the country. 

"As we collectively face the challenging road ahead, we must also be open to the opportunities that the pandemic has presented," Michael McGrath said. 

"We will continue to proactively explore both the challenges and the opportunities so that we can develop solutions that will allow us to serve the people of Ireland to the best of our abilities, while protecting the health and well-being of all," the Minister said. 

"I am heartened by the finding that 88% of staff believe they are as effective working remotely as they are in their normal place of work and I see first hand in my own Department how well staff have adapted to the challenges of Covid-19", he added.