Telcom, a privately-owned internet services provider, has teamed up with ESB Telecoms to provide cost-effective, reliable, enterprise-class fibre with speeds of up to 1Gbps, for up to 16,000 businesses nationwide. 

Telcom's initial focus will centre on service provision in the counties of Cork, Galway and Dublin. 

The company specialises in business-to business voice and data services and offers direct managed fibre services across all sectors and industries.

It said that commercial customers will get access to business-class high-speed, fibre connections, with guaranteed upload and download speeds ranging from 100Mbps to 1Gbps, utilising SIRO as a gateway to ESB Telecom's ethernet network service.

Telcom said that cost savings of up to 50% based on current average 1Gbps services can be made.

The company s ESB Telecom's first retail partner to deploy this new service.

Shane Tully, chief commercial officer with Telcom, said the company recognises that digital transformation is accelerating at a pace. 

"As the business reliance on cloud-based applications and services grows, it's critical that organisations of all sizes, can access a high-speed, cost effective and enterprise-class fibre service, which supports the digital requirements of their business operations day-to-day," Shane Tully said. 

"In the current environment, it's vital for business to partner with strong and stable vendors. ESB Telecoms ticked all the boxes for us, in having a national wholly-owned, fibre-optic network that is aligned with connections to SIRO and which can scale now, and into the future," he added.

Managing Director of ESB Telecoms, Rory McGowan, said the company understand the changing needs of Irish businesses as they become more reliant on cloud-based solutions, which support critical digital markets and online operations. 

"Our new wholesale service provides the underlying foundation that enables this technical evolution - providing Telecom Operators the opportunity to migrate their customers to a more suitable, faster and efficient cloud capable platform," he added.