Irish-founded health screening and testing company LetsGetChecked has announced the creation of 160 new positions in Dublin for 2021 as well as an additional 50 positions internationally. 

LetsGetChecked has added 200 employees in Dublin so far in 2020. 

The new positions will span developer and engineer roles as well as expanding departments such as nursing, data science, marketing, customer solutions, sales, and recruitment. 

The company said that lab employees will be the newest addition in Dublin, to facilitate the analysis of the company's recently announced at-home coronavirus tests.

2020 has seen LetsGetChecked's sales grow by over 800% and the company has shipped over one million of their home coronavirus testing kits. 

Earlier this year, the company raised $71m to fuel their expansion. The new jobs announced today will bring their total global team to 653 employees.

LetsGetChecked is working alongside American Airlines, British Airways, and OneWorld to launch a transatlantic coronavirus testing trial to demonstrate how testing can re-open travel routes and remove the need for quarantine periods.

Peter Foley, the CEO and Founder of LetsGetChecked, said the new positions will help the company build on their success so far.

"This year has been like no other. Through the hard work of each and every one one of our team members, we've been able to make a positive impact by helping people around the world manage their health during a global crisis," Mr Foley said. 

"We are looking for people who share our passion and our mission here in Dublin to ensure we are doing as much as we can to allow people to take control of their health," he added.