Kildare start-up, Esmerelda Botanicals Perfumery has launched a 100% certified organic hand sanitiser, which it says is the first of its kind in Ireland.

The formula is blended, bottled, labelled and packaged onsite at the family-owned perfumery in County Kildare.

The company said the Sanitising Botanical Spritz is a highly effective shield from Covid-19 and kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Niamh O’Connell, Esmerelda Botanicals Perfumery Founder, said they were looking to launch a fragrance but the pandemic altered their plans.

"It made us think about what we could do using my skill set as a perfumer that would be better, more timely and support health.

"So, we put plans in place for an approved organic and anti-viral sanitiser to help keep people safe.

"The packaging is recyclable and because the spritz is organic it’s a kinder product, especially for your hands, plus it has therapeutic benefits to help make you feel good," she said.