Spending on Irish websites on Black Friday was up 135% on last year according to new data from Revolut.

Overall online spending last Friday increased by 81% compared to 2019, the financial technology firm found.

The statistics also show that the call for people to shop local this year appears to have been heard, with 39% of all online spending by Revolut users here on Black Friday going to Irish websites, compared to 28% last year.

However, the data also shows that the remaining 61% of online spend still went abroad to international web pages.

On average, shoppers here spent a total of €63.18 on Irish websites, with €90.37 going to foreign ones.

Revolut has 1 million Irish users, so the data is a snapshot of those customers spending habits on Black Friday.

The company says where appropriate it adjusted the figures for the growth in the number of users since last year.

Not surprisingly, spending on physical transactions fell 29% this year, due to the closure of most non-essential retailers as a result of Government restrictions.

The Irish based retailers who benefited most from the Black Friday spending spree included Smyths Toys, Sosu.ie and Lifestyle Sports.

Amazon, ASOS and Nike.com topped the list of the foreign websites that captured the bulk of the spend.