33% say Covid-19 has had little or no impact on their personal finances, according to research carried out by comparison and switching website bonkers.ie and RED C.

The research which was carried out in mid-October, surveyed just over 1,000 adults in the Republic of Ireland.

36% say the pandemic has had a moderate to severe financial impact on them.

Meanwhile over half of Irish people say Christmas this year won’t be as enjoyable as it was in previous years, while just over two in five say they will be spending less on gifts this year due to the pandemic.

33% say they will have the same Christmas they always have, regardless of what restrictions might be in place. 

Speaking about the results from the research, Daragh Cassidy, Head of Communications at bonkers.ie said it gives some insight into the financial impact of Covid-19 on people's finances.

"It’s clear that a big percentage of the population have not been financially impacted by Covid, which is encouraging, although one would wonder if this can hold up the longer the pandemic goes on.

"However there is a significant minority of people who are clearly struggling and the return to level 5 lockdown in mid-October is unlikely to have helped. 

"The large majority of people who plan to spend Christmas as normal this year, regardless of restrictions, will no doubt worry NPHET," he said.