41% of organisations are lacking a robust identity access management process for the new hybrid office dynamic, according to research carried out by the cyber-security and information resilience team at BSI.

With a mix of office and home working here to stay for the foreseeable future due to Government guidelines and restrictions, BSI said data governance has never been so important.

Stephen Bowes, Global Practice Director for Data Management and Security Technologies at BSI said that having a robust identity access management policy is essential.

"Information resilience, which covers cybersecurity, privacy management, data protection and compliance to regulation is crucial. Organization access controls need to be robust and this includes having a response plan in place that can be activated whenever an incident occurs," he said.

Mr Bowes said that data protection needs to be a core focus across all organisations regardless of their size and where their employees are working – virtually or in office.

"It means knowing what data you are trying to protect and having the assurance that it is being protected 24/7 and that data privacy compliance is in place at all times," he said.

"Right now, data may be recorded and collated in different ways so it's vital that processes are reviewed and adapted regularly to ensure they are in line with regulations," he said.