The number of passengers travelling through the country's ports fell by 88.3% during the height of the Covid-19 lockdown earlier this year.  

According to the Central Statistics Office's Statistics of Port Traffic published today, 88,000 people travelled through Irish ports in the three months from April to June compared to 755,000 in the same period last year. 

Dublin remains the main port for passengers, accounting for 96.6% of all journeys. Holyhead remains the main destination and source of passenger travel into and out of the country. 

The CSO also noted a falloff in the gross tonnage of goods brought through our ports but this was not as dramatic. 

Gross tonnage fell by 10.4% to 61,405 thousand tonnes. Roll on/roll off containers fell by 21.8% but liquid bulk, which includes oil and gas, increased by 5.4%. 

Great Britain and Northern Ireland accounted for 35.3% of port traffic while other EU countries accounted for 37.8%. 

Overall the number of vessels using Irish ports fell by 538, or 16.7%, in the second quarter. Dublin port accounted for 62.4% of all vessels and just under half, or 49.5%, of total tonnage.