Revenue has published a list of the tens of thousands of firms that received the Temporary Wage Subsidy (TWSS) earlier this year.

The TWSS was introduced as an emergency measure to assist firms and workers through the Covid-19 pandemic and ran from March 26 until August 31, after which it was replaced by the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS).

Administered by Revenue the TWSS provided subsidies to employers who kept employees on their books rather than laying them off, thereby retaining the link between the two.

As part of the terms and conditions of the scheme, recipients had to agree to have their names published by Revenue.

The list includes more than 66,500 employers, ranging in size from very small enterprises up to large and well-known corporates.

In total they received payment totaling €2.9bn over the six month period, with 664,000 employees supported by the scheme.

Among the participants listed are DAA Plc, RTÉ, Actavo (Ireland) Ltd, Arnotts Ltd, Cityjet DAC, Adare Manor Golf Club, Aer Lingus Ireland Ltd, Campbell Catering Services Unlimited, Fallon & Byrne Ltd, Iarnród Eireann, Doyle Hotel Group and Faithlegg Hotel Ltd.

Just the names and addresses of the participants have been published. 

The list does not state how much was received by each employer nor does it include employers who fell into certain categories.

Some employers registered for TWSS but did not receive any payment under the scheme while others initially received payments but subsequently completed a process of 'reversing out' of it, including repaying what they had received.

Employers that are still in the reverse out process are also not listed.

Revenue said employers who are ineligible for the scheme will be required to refund all TWSS and make good all underpaid PRSI.