28% of Irish people would like to have a job as an online influencer as their main source of income, according to research carried out by broadband and telecoms provider, Pure Telecom.

The survey of 1,000 consumers also found that 50% of respondents feel they can earn more than the average national salary of €39,000 if they were an online influencer.

Younger respondents are more convinced of the monetary gains, as 58% of respondents in the 18-23 age bracket surveyed believe they can earn more than the average wage as an online influencer.

The figure lowers to 52% for those aged between 24-39.

Moreover, 67% of respondents said they had made purchases that were inspired by an online influencer over the last 12 months. 

The rapid expansion in the number of online influencers making a living through their social media accounts has inspired many aspiring influencers to enter the space in recent years.

Last year’s report by inzpire.me noted that attaining 42,575 Instagram followers is enough for an influencer to earn the average UK salary.

Typically, prospective influencers try to organically build their own network of followers, before signing partnership deals with brands.

Paul Connell, CEO of Pure Telecom, said for many, the viability of a career as an online influencer has now become undeniable.

"After a prolonged period of lockdown-induced reflection, I would imagine a sizable amount of the population are weighing up their career options, their life plans, and pouring more time and energy into passion projects.

"Having access to super-fast, reliable broadband is a fundamental part of helping people chart new paths forward," he added.

Earlier this month, Pure Telecom signed a deal with BT Ireland worth up to €10 million, granting Pure Telecom access to SIRO's nationwide high-speed fibre broadband network.