Ulster Bank has launched new controls, including the ability to block certain transactions, to allow customers to more easily manage use of their debit cards.

Among the transactions that can be halted are subscription services, contactless payments, gambling including lottery tickets purchased online, chip and PIN payments and international payments.

"Card Payment Controls give our customers greater choice when it comes to using their Ulster Bank debit cards, enabling them to select what types of transactions they are most comfortable with," said Ulster Bank's Head of Everyday Banking, Lisa Slattery.

"Not only is it convenient, it can offer customers greater peace of mind should their bank card fall into the wrong hands."

The control system works via the Ulster Bank mobile app, taking away the need for customers to have to contact the bank.

The controls are nearly all instant, meaning they can be turned on or off without a delay.

However, the only exception is the gambling block. This provides a 48 hour cooldown period before it is switched off, once on.

If a customer is turned on, they will receive a push notification if their payment is declined due to the setting being in place.

Last year Ulster Bank implemented the same system on its Mastercard credit cards.