Guaranteed Irish champions Irish businesses and it has launched a new website called today.

The idea for the website, which features more than 150 small Irish businesses and thousands of products, came from the public.

They had contacted Guaranteed Irish asking where they can buy authentic Irish products from firms that are employing people in Ireland.

"Any company who is a member of Guaranteed Irish and who has an e-commerce presence, we put together this portal to allow a one stop shop for the consumer to source any and all of their Christmas gifts this year," said Bríd O'Connell, CEO of Guaranteed Irish.

The group awards the Guaranteed Irish symbol to companies which provide quality jobs, supports local communities and are committed to Irish provenance. Membership is open to both homegrown and international companies in Ireland, across all sectors. 

"It's not our role to create a challenger to Amazon," Ms O'Connell said, "but we certainly wanted to help smaller businesses in the craft and design and retail space."

New businesses can still apply to become members and Guaranteed Irish has allocated extra resources to fast track applications within a few days.

"It's really a matter of urgency and all shoulders to the wheel, so if we can help people at all create a new revenue, a new channel to sell their products, we are delighted to do that," she said.

"People are out there in their droves trying to do the right thing, and they are really trying to source a place where they know they are contributing to the economy and holding jobs in their community."

A campaign was also launched today, calling on all consumers to buy one Guaranteed Irish gift this Christmas, calling on consumers to shop direct and support local business online.

The initiative is supported by members Magico, IE Domain Registry, Blacknight and eShopWorld, with all businesses extending their support to provide ecommerce supports to members.