Irish people check their phones on average 58 times per day, according to Deloitte Ireland's Digital Consumer Trends 2020 report.

The survey was carried out between May and June this year, as the country began to exit Covid-19 lockdown restrictions.

It found that 33% of all respondents report that they look at their phone within five minutes of waking, an increase of 2% on 2019.

87% look at their phone within the first hour of waking, up 3% on last year.

When it comes to the number of times we are checking our phones during the day there were significant differences between age groups.

The report found that 17% of 18-24-year-olds report checking their phones over 200 times a day.

This falls to 10% among the 25-24 bracket; 8% among 35-44s; 7% among 45-54s; and once a day or less among the 55 – 75 age group.

Perception of smartphone usage also varies with age, with younger respondents more likely to feel that they are prone to over-usage.

Overall, 46% of respondents feel that they are using their smartphones too much.

According to the report, the most popular financial activity carried out on mobile phones is checking bank balances, followed by browsing shopping websites or apps, buying products online and making banking transactions.

This year mobile has replaced laptop as the preferred device for making online purchases among the 18-24 and 35-44 demographics.

26% of all respondents use their mobile phones to make reservations while 16% do their online grocery shopping on mobile.