SME Recovery Ireland estimates that over 800,000 workers currently employed by domestic small, medium, and micro-enterprises in the SME sector, are not supported by a State agency.

As Government makes final preparations ahead of delivering Budget 2021 tomorrow, the organisation is repeating its call for the establishment of a national agency for small business overseen by a dedicated Minister for small business.

Chair of SME Recovery Ireland, John Moran said a significant support gap remains for the thousands of small businesses who operate solely within the domestic economy.

"We would like to see a new dedicated agency for small business established that would bring together the State's programmes and work in the indigenous SME space, filling the gap that currently exists between inward investment and export-oriented companies," he said.

"The creation of such an agency would allow for a more coordinated approach to the development and implementation of State policy across the SME sector.

"It would also ensure that public policy across government recognises the contribution of small businesses and that laws and regulations are not excessively complex and onerous for small business owners," he added.

On budget day tomorrow, SME Recovery Ireland is also asking Government to consider an SME rainy day fund and an SME resilience fund, among other measures.