Ed Sheeran's main entertainment firm clocked up weekly revenues of €1m last year, according to new accounts for the singer songwriter with strong Irish links. 

The new filings show that revenues at Ed Sheeran Ltd last year increased by 47% from £32.6m to £48.12m (€53m). 

"Ed-mania" hit struck here in 2018 when around 400,000 fans snapped up tickets for nine Ed Sheeran concerts around the island of Ireland at Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast. 

However, Sheeran's Irish fans were left disappointed last year when Ireland did not feature on the global star’s tour schedule for 2019. 

According to figures from trade industry journal, Pollstar, Ed Sheeran last year played to 2.455 million fans across the globe generating $211.7m at the box office. 

The £48.12m in revenues generated by Ed Sheeran Ltd translates to weekly revenues of £925,401 (€1.01m). 

Arising from the increase in revenues, the company's pre-tax profits rose by 53% from £23.77m to £36.45m (€40m).

The company recorded post tax profits of £29.52m after paying corporation tax of £6.9m. 

The accounts show that the singer last year pocketed a £10m dividend from the global success of his firm. 

This followed Sheeran taking a £17m dividend in 2018 and a £16.5m dividend in 2017. 

The cash pile at the firm at the end of last year more than tripled from £10.53m to £35.13m. 

The firm's accumulated profits at the end of 2019 totalled £29.23m after the dividend payout. 

The directors' report attached to the accounts, filed with Companies House in the UK, state that "revenue during the year remained stable on the prior year due to the continued exploitation of music recording and song writing". 

The report states that "going forward, the company's turnover is expected to remain strong but it will be dependent on the artist's continued success". 

The report adds that as Sheeran "has a huge worldwide popularity, the main risk facing the company is foreign exchange rates due to royalties being received in foreign currencies and in particular US dollars". 

The main activity of the company is writing, recording and production of music. 

Revenues at the company were boosted last year by Sheeran's sixth album which featured collaborations with a host of stars including Justin Bieber, Bruno Mars, Eminem and 50 Cent.